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About Us | Our Lullabee Story

Welcome to the world of wonders with Lullabee.. A world made of colorful fantasies and liberating playfulness and liveliness. A world with surprises, laughter, excitement and little adventure never end. A world every child enjoys, relish and adore. A world where kids be the kids and looks the best.

As our cutiest grow in front of our eyes, we want them dressed the best, comfortable and in nice-looking clothing that all kids feel comfortable and happy wearing.

Lullabee carefully selects durable, high quality clothing for babies and kids to last with its ever-new look. Lullabee encourages the community folks to reuse clothing, pass it down, eliminate the wasteful discard of kids wear, Yes it lasts! We do our best to provide long-lasting, fair-trade clothing carefully knitted and stitched for the young children

Lullabee, the youngest of the Wrapper Family; conceptualized in 2017 setting it’s cute buzzing from a Cherry Garden far away in the green meadows of Gods’ own country. Here he comes out of hive bringing sweet surprises to all the little ones.  Lullabee presents you a bundle of surprises with love, care and protection.

Lullabee baby wear is made to last, caring young ones with a soothing effect and giving the great moms’ real value for money.  We chose our high-grade cotton rich fabric with utmost care. Lullabee Kids Wear is extensively tested and designed to be the most comfortable, durable and having the most outstanding look.

Lullabee uses baby specific anti-allergic colours and the fabric is Bio-washed to impart the ultimate feel in wide variety of styles unparalleled by any other kids wear in offering.